Founded in 2010, ADDS DONNA functions as an experimental institution comprehending an exhibition space, an artist collective, and an on-going study group program.

Each exhibition is approached in the spirit of collaboration, offering artists the opportunity to realize experimental projects while nurturing and extending our own curatorial initiatives. Adds Donna has worked with national and international spaces, including Essex Flowers, New York, NY; SWDZ, Vienna, Austria; Trinity College, Palos Heights, IL; Half/Dozen, Portland, OR, among others. Over the past three years, AD has fostered an international collaboration and exchange between artists in Vienna, Austria and Chicago that continues today.
In addition to exhibitions, ADDS DONNA hosts a variety of auxiliary activities to complement the ideas afloat in the gallery. Independent study groups ranging in topic from Ancient Greek philosophy and literature to science fiction extend critical debate relevant to what is happening in the gallery and our contemporary moment at large . We’ve also hosted a series of experimental sound performances, lectures, and film screenings that extend the scope of AD programming and provide an interesting overlapping of cultural disciplines concurrent with the AD focus on context and inquiry.

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Adds Donna Collective at SWDZ, Vienna, Austria, 2014

Sunday Afternoons


Adds Donna Collective at Manifest, Chicago, 2012